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Since we launched this website for HealthECCO a few weeks ago, we have been busy working in the background to write content and bring together all kinds of information for you. Today we want to give you a quick update what has happened so far and where you can find interesting information:

A few interesting pages to discover:

  • Our Documentation: Here you will find Developer Resources, End User Guidelines as well as Full Schema Documentation
  • Newsroom: Links to articles and podcasts from around the world about our activities
  • Events: A bit empty still, but we plan our next Community Event soon!

HealthECCO in general:

  • We are currently working to add more content still to our pages. Have you watched our new video already?
  • Styling all around! We hope you like the look&feel of HealthECCO! Find out who’s behind it all in our Team pages


We are looking forward to embarking on this journey together with you!
Feedback is always welcome (leave it in the comments below)! If you want to become more involved with HealthECCO, please let us know!

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