Neo4j Graphie Awards 2021

We are honoured to be awarded the 2021 Neo4j Graphie Award 🏆 in the category “Graphs4Good: Medical Research”

Obviously meeting in person to celebrate was not possible, but we had a fun call in December:

What are the Graphies?
The annual GraphConnect Awards, otherwise known as “The Neo4j Graphies,” recognize excellence in connected data across a variety of categories. The goal is to showcase those who are actively involved in making the world a better place with graph technology.

About HealthECCO
The vast majority of a rapidly expanding corpus of health knowledge is hidden in data silos. This reduces our ability to respond to health crises because decision makers do not have the information they need. HealthECCO is building an open-source platform to combine heterogeneous, unstructured data sources and activate hidden knowledge through connections in the datasets. Our solution can integrate and enrich data from biomedical experiments, publications, patents, clinical trials and electronic health records and more. We see three main groups of users for our solution: Policy makers, health workers and researchers, although there are clearly spillover benefits for other stakeholders like journalists or the interested public. While their daily problems are different, they all need access to similar data. Policy makers need contextualized knowledge to draft guidelines, health workers have to find the right piece of evidence for the specific patient, and researchers need to combine their specialty with the world’s knowledge to quickly respond to health emergencies.

Browse through our site, if you want to learn more about our winning project CovidGraph!

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