HealthECCO @ Medical Informatics Europe Conference

We are happy to announce that we will present CovidGraph at this year’s Medical Informatics Europe Conference MIE2022 taking place in Nice, 27th – 30th May.

Together with Ron Henkel and Dagmar Waltemath from the Medical Informatics Laboratory (University Medicine Greifswald) I will present the CovidGraph project as a poster and, very excitingly, in a demonstration session.

In our demonstration, we present CovidGraph and its use for clinicians and scientists. We introduce the available data sources, show how to access the data through our various interfaces, and present biomedical use cases. We show how to use CovidGraph for time efficient search, data exploration, and hypothesis generation.
Each of our interfaces offers a unique perspective of the data at a different level of detail.

Join us at the MIE2022 conference and learn how you can use CovidGraph for your research! See the conference program for more information!

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