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With CovidGraph we want to help researchers to quickly and efficiently find their way through the many, many COVID-19 datasets. This allows to explore papers, patents, existing treatments and medications around the family of the corona viruses for everyone – no matter their technical backgrounds.
Therefore we are happy to share with you access to four different applications which you can use free of charge, no registration/sign-up needed!

You can choose between these applications:

  • Neo4j Bloom is an easy-to-use graph exploration application for visually interacting with Neo4j graphs.
    Very easy to use with no programming skills necessary! See video above for an overview.
    Just type the following in the search bar
    Papers mentioning gene $1
    Is there a model for a corona virus gene? ($1 being a free entry from you, e.g. ACE2)
  • The SemSpect Graph App for Neo4j is used for data quality checking as well as query tool by the CovidGraph development team. See our video with an overview.
  • The Neo4j browser is a user interface for querying the graph directly on database level by pattern matching via Cypher. You should know about Cypher if you are exploring here.
  • The Visual Graph Explorer is provided by yWorks and allows you to explore the knowledge data in a visual way.

Go to our applications overview to find access details for all four of these apps.

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  1. […] use CovidGraph for time efficient search, data exploration, and hypothesis generation. Each of our interfaces offers a unique perspective of the data at a different level of […]

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