CovidGraph: a graph to fight COVID-19

We are extremely proud and excited that our first on CovidGraph and HealthECCO has been published. The whole team helped with support and it was written by Lea Gütebier.

Thanks to all people and companies supporting our CovidGraph and HealthECCO project for quite a while now! Without this group of active enthusiasts this would not have been possible. The papers names a few of the core contributors (see below), but there are more active community members that are not named here, but we would like to say thank you nevertheless!

Lea Gütebier, Tim Bleimehl, Ron Henkel, Jamie Munro, Sebastian Müller, Axel Morgner, Jakob Laenge, Anke Pachauer, Alexander Erdl, Jens Weimar, Kirsten Walther Langendorf, Vincent Vialard, Thorsten Liebig, Martin Preusse, Dagmar Waltemath, Alexander Jarasch, CovidGraph: a graph to fight COVID-19, Bioinformatics, 2022;, btac592,

Your are welcome to read the full article! The abstract gives you an overview:

Reliable and integrated data are prerequisites for effective research on the recent coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic. The CovidGraph project integrates and connects heterogeneous COVID-19 data in a knowledge graph, referred to as ‘CovidGraph’. It provides easy access to multiple data sources through a single point of entry and enables flexible data exploration.

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