CovidGraph – a COVID-19 Knowledge Graph

CovidGraph was founded in early 2020 as a nonprofit collaboration of researchers, software developers, data scientists, and medical professionals. In April 2021, CovidGraph became part of HealthECCO and will be pursued under this umbrella going forward.

The research and communication platform we built starting with the CovidGraph project currently includes over 130,000 publications, case statistics, genes and functions, molecular data, and more. All of this forms the basis for current and future projects within the HealthECCO initiative.

Who Is This Project Aimed At?

Our aim is to help researchers quickly and efficiently find their way through COVID-19 datasets and to provide tools that use artificial intelligence, advanced visualization techniques, and intuitive user interfaces. This allows to explore papers, patents, existing treatments and medications around the family of the corona viruses.

In addition to literature data we connected information from fundamental entities in biology - namely genes and proteins and their function - , spanning a network of unparalleled size and knowledge.

Knowledge is primarily centered around the domain of corona-viruses but is steadily extended to other connected diseases.


The CovidGraph project provides a growing number of applications to interact with the data stored in the Knowledge Graph. Please feel free to use these apps free of charge, no registration/sign-up needed.

You can scroll through our available applications below:


We integrate data from various sources and link them in our knowledge graph: